Spanking SArah News and Information

When you decide on a web site too give your money to you want to be sure that you are getting the best value possible and the type of films you want to watch. I want to help you to do that. Inside my site you will find many things

  1. Full length films, all professionally shot on state of the art equipment, edited by the best editor in the business with over 30 years experience at bringing out the best. There are currently in excess of 400 full length films on the site. I never post part films or clips
  2. The best spanking models I can find, I not only seek out all the top British and where possible American stars of spanking but I go to a lot of trouble to bring you new and lovely ladies you will not have seen before. Indeed, I have ladies who only ever work with me so you will not see them elsewhere
  3. Reliable service. I have a help desk available to you during CE TIME 08.00 - 23.00 I have direct contact with my members through this help desk
  4. Bonus content including behind the scenes films, pictures from other spanking sites, POV clips, Free sample films from my Sarah Spanks Men site
  5. All my films are being up rated to MP4 1920 x1080 full HD playable on every device today including smart phones, lap tops and tablets. There is no need to have loads of different formats.
  6. Custom made films. I will make a film just for you. Your idea, your script, exactly as you want it in the format you want.
  7. My totally unique spank art, yes spanking can be fun as these cartoons will show. I also have a collection of private pictures only for my members
  8. The longest running and acclaimed Spanking Soap Unladylike Manor over 52 episodes to date.
I always strive to bring you something different and new so I am now giving FREE in my members area 3D VR versions of some of my films. We are still experimenting with this medium but we hope you will enjoy these films.


You may not be aware of what the British Government is doing at the moment in its efforts to censor and control the internet. I suggest that if you have not already been made aware of what is going on you take a look at the Blog on this link where you will be kept fully informed. This is important and will effect you so please do take the time to take a look.